CE Topic Index


CE Topic Index

The Lambers IRS Continuing Education Library features a growing list of courses containing many hundreds of important tax topics. In addition to receiving CE Credit, you as a tax professional, will find the Educational Library to be an invaluable year round reference tool. This index identifies tax topics, and which video lesson they can be found in your Lambers CE Library. The list is sorted alphabetically, making it easy to identify and locate a particular topic. In addition, this list is searchable. To perform a search, simply type the topic you are looking for into the Quickfinfer box located at the top right of this page and the topic will be highlighted in the index list.

Bookmark this page as this Library Topic Index page will be updated often as Lambers continually adds new and updated IRS CE Courses. If you have any questions about the Lambers CE Course Library or Library Topic Index, or if you have a suggestion on a course to be developed, please contact your Lambers Representative or info@lambers.com.

You can access the CE Topic Index here : http://training.lambers.com/ce/cetopicindex

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Last Updated: 09-11-2018