Course - Help Files


Course - Help Files

Video Training:

By default, the selected video course will automatically start either at its beginning or the point of your last activity. The video player features controls commonly found in typical online video players.

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On the left of the screen below the title “Video Course Lessons” you will see the section named “Categories”. As you progress through the lessons, the checkboxes to the left of each sub-category will automatically fill; keeping track of your progress. At any point, you may choose to view a previously accessed lesson or jump to one you have not yet viewed. Simply select the appropriate link in the Categories section to begin the desired lesson in the video player.

Note: An in-depth summary of your viewing history can be found in the “Progress Report section of the “Tools” tab.


Directly underneath the video player there is a permalink available to be copied and pasted into your browser, in the case you would like to synchronize your training with other similarly enrolled individuals or classmates.

Notes :

The Course Notes section directly below the video player operates as a fully functional text editor. Its features can be accessed at any time the section is displayed, including while viewing a video course. It allows you enter and save notes for later review/study.


Using the “Insert Course Topic” button, you can automatically insert the current topic you are viewing into your notes as a header.
Course Topic

Clicking the “Insert horizontal ruler” button creates a separator line as shown in the graphic. This is extremely useful for dividing your notes into logical grouping such as specific topics or course objectives.

Horizontal Rulerdd


The “Quizzes” section offers assessment quizzes for both “Pre” and “Post” lesson. This allows you to test not only what you have retained after each lesson, but also to see where you stand before starting the training. At any time inside a given course you can take a “Pre” or “Post” quiz for any lesson within it.

Once in the “Quizzes” section, you must first select which lesson on which to be quizzed from the  “Select a Quiz" drop-down menu.

 Quiz Select

While in the quiz mode select the answer you believe is correct and click the “Next Question” button. You can also choose to go back or end your quiz early using the exam control buttons located at the bottom right of the screen.

Upon completion of the quiz, you will receive a score report showing the percent of questions that were answered correctly.

NOTE: Ending the quiz before completing all questions marks the unanswered problems as incorrect and is reflected in your percentage score.

Upon returning to the “Quizzes” main page, you will notice that each attempt is recorded. The results for each effort are displayed as a single bar marker comprised of “Correct”, “Wrong” and “Not Answered” percentages. The graph also shows a green marker line that denotes the required passing percentage score. You may take the “Pre” and “Post” quizzes for any lesson an unlimited number of times.



The glossary contains all of the terms and definitions related to the currently selected course.



The “Tools” tab contains links to track your progress and access the “Help” feature

Tools Menu

Progress Report:

The “Progress Report” shows the history of your course usage. This includes details for date, time, lessons that you have viewed, and all of your “Pre” and “Post” quiz scores.

Progress Report

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